Florida Robotics Alliance at HCC

BEST LogoOur 1st Major Project for the Fall Semester of 2013 is being done under the auspices of BEST Robotics Inc.  Our Alliance Partners choose BEST because of its low cost, greater accessibility and its emphasis on STEM business skills. Our BEST Robotics Competition is targeted at a more diverse audience of students with an emphasis on attracting Girls. It could be considered as a STEM Wheel Elective class designed to motivate students to think along the lines of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship. As such 60% of the competition is devoted to a Robotics Business Competition while the remaining 40% of the competition is a classic Robotics Competition. While this may seem odd at first, we are all aware that technical competence alone is insufficient to achieve success in a competitive business arena. We need a holistic approach since any kind of technological success cannot be achieved without team work across a wide spectrum of Business Disciplines such as Marketing, Engineering, Finance and Human Resource Management. The BEST Program is designed to address all of these factors.

This  year’s BEST Project is aimed exclusively at one of the chief Alliance Partners, the Hillsborough County Public School System because it is the only mass infrastructure vehicle that could improve our local economic competitiveness across a broad scale and improve the overall general welfare for the bulk of our families in Hillsborough County.

For more information contact: TPC-KFiallos@HCCFL.EDU 813-431-1290